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AI Spectrum

Just as evolution refines organisms over time through adaptation and natural selection, AI evolves by continuously learning and improving its capabilities based on data-driven experiences. Similar to how species develop specialized traits, AI systems specialize in tasks, honing their skills for specific functions. However, unlike biological evolution, AI evolution can occur at an accelerated pace, driven by deliberate design and technological advancements.


AI Principles

Vertex11's AI framework is built upon eleven core principles that underscore the development of AI aligned to an organization’s risk appetite.  These principles encompass a focus on human welfare, privacy, and safety, to establish  AI applications that prioritize these values.  Transparency is upheld as a cornerstone, to support comprehensible decision-making processes, while the system’s capacity to evolve responsibly promotes ongoing innovation within a framework of accountability.  Bolt on after the fact security and risk management controls will not be possible in an AI enabled world.
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